On-boarding staff using blended learning

Integrating recruits and training them up for their new role is vital to achieve the desired level of competence and confidence needed to become a productive member of staff.

The internet-enabled, networked workplace enables us to acquire knowledge and develop skills in many different ways.   

Technology, more specifically e-learning, plays an important role in offering a valuable addition to the induction process, releasing managers from basic training obligations and providing tracking and reporting facilities.

On-boarding - successful applicants can access e-learning about their new organisation before starting work. Learning modules may cover organisational structure, brand introduction, welcome videos and product knowledge or service overviews.  Early engagement with the organisation means that inductees arrive on their first day with confidence and managers can start evaluating their suitability from day one.

Induction – blended learning modules can be designed to review training delivered at work and test knowledge retained.  Additional learning modules can be accessed on key systems and processes which support the new job role and develop skills.  Online feedback forms can evaluate the induction experience as a whole and inform ongoing improvements.

Continued development – additional e-learning activities will naturally integrate with traditional training methodologies to form part of a further training and development plan as their career develops.

Monitoring - tracking and reporting facilities monitor new employees' engagement with learning opportunities. This can help managers to identify those new employees who are not fully engaged or are likely to leave the organisation; this is valuable for both the individual and organisation.

For organisations looking to reduce costs and improve employee productivity, using a blended learning approach for the onboarding and induction is a strong contender.  Employers have found that high levels of commitment and enthusiasm shown by individuals completing the pre-induction activities have also been sustained into the workplace.