Bespoke content development

Content is the term used to describe the various elements which make up a typical online training package, it is what determines whether a programme is easy to use, engaging and effective as a training tool. This section will help you understand the functions of learning content and how it is designed, converted, produced and used.

Instructional design

This is all about determining the knowledge or skills needed to meet the required training outcomes and then designing appropriate activities or exercises that will lead to that outcome. It's about how people learn and how the training has to be structured to get the best results.
At E-Skills Matters we use a design model known as ADDIE, which is used in various forms throughout the sector and provides a strong basis for designing and testing e-learning materials. We also use a modular design system in our programmes, with the content being broken down into approximately twenty minute units, each with one or more learning outcomes per module.

from existing materials
It is not always necessary to design a training programme from scratch. In many cases we can convert your existing materials into an online format. This can save time at the design stage, but is only really satisfactory if the source materials are of good quality.
Testing & Quizzes Almost all training programmes include a number of exercises designed to test the knowledge gained during the course. We use a variety of test and quiz formats designed to complement the overall package design.
Programming Once all the design elements are in place, the training package enters the production phase and is set into software which will enable it to be uploaded to a Learner Management System (LMS) ready to use.
Animation We can add various animations during production that enhance the interactivity and appearance of the final product. Simple text animation is normally included as part of our packages, however additional animation (ie graphics or characters) can add to the cost.
Audio Our programmes usually have audio instruction as well as written, however if audio is not required there is a potential cost saving.
Photographs Pictures are excellent for enhancing the training package. If you already have usable photographs that relate to your business it can save cost, alternatively we can arrange for original photography or use stock images as required.
Video Potentially the most expensive element of the content. Shooting bespoke footage using a professional crew can cost a lot of money. However, because only a small section of the screen is usually available to show video within the package, it is possible to use combinations of stock footage and/or amateur video at a much lower cost whilst still achieving an acceptable standard.
Branding Our training packages can be branded with your logos and other style features at no additional cost.