Staff Induction

Getting new staff on-board, making them aware of your organisation's policies and procedures, company values and business priorities. Effective staff induction is critical to ensuring that your people are properly prepared to play a full part in the organisation from day one. Our Induction packages can help deliver this training more cost-effectively and at the right time to achieve maximum impact. more


Our courses are custom designed to provide you with the most appropriate training needed to give your staff the information, knowledge or skills they require. We work with you to identify the most important learning outcomes and develop the programme around those needs. Because our programmes are modular, you can decide how much of your training goes online and can easily blend the courses with other training methods if preferred. We are happy to design programmes leading to full (or part) accredited qualifications, but increasingly we have found that many businesses are looking for short, focused courses which meet a particular training shortfall or offer a way to deliver everyday training more efficiently.

Statutory Training

Where you have a mandatory training responsibility our eCourses can cover these topics quickly and effectively without cutting into your other staff and time commitments.  Courses include: Health and Safety; Food Hygiene and Fire Safety. 

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Continued Professional Development

Where there is a need to up-skill your staff to take on new or extended responsibilities or to top up existing skills, we can provide a comprehensive range of bespoke solutions. Our network of subject experts cover all sectors and subject areas, and we would be happy to advise on the best approach for your organisation.  Our eCourses are also available in subjects such as: Leadership and Management, Accountancy, Customer Service.

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